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We believe stories can create Quality Education for current & future generations.

By simplifying and designing beautiful stories into bite-sized learning.

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Q1: Why should you get a membership?
– To add stories in your everyday conversations (Read 8 facts about the neuroscience of storytelling)
Document stories for your kids, grandkids & most importantly for your future self.
– Storytelling is like magic. (Know the magical science behind it here)
– Stories for people around you (Employees, family members, followers, etc)

Q2. : What’s the difference between Gold and Platinum membership?
– Privacy (On Instagram you can see who else is a member/follower)
– One place for All the StoryCards (You won’t have to screenshot or Organise StoryCards)
– Lifetime Access to all the StoryCards from your membership year.

Q3: Which platform will you get these StoryCards in?
– Every Gold Member will be added into a Members-Only Instagram page.
(Every week we will add StoryCards on IG stories and will have a highlight of the past four weeks.) 
– Every Platinum Member will be sent a WhatsApp link and StoryCards will be sent post verification

Q4: How will we get started?
– You will receive a PDF with all the information after the payment. 

Q5: What’s your Personal Why? What are you getting out of this? 
– The goal is to Document stories (Mostly for my grandchildren & for my future self)
– “If I say I’m not doing this for money, then I’d be lying.” (This money will help me be more creative and get more value into this world rather than looking for work)
– Connect with StoryTellers, StoryCollectors & Anyone who likes stories.
– I have a dream: I want to get on a stage, ask the audience for words and tell them stories on top of those words 🚀 


"Before we become a StoryTeller, we have to become a StoryCollector"

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