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We believe stories can create Quality Education for current & future generations.

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Q1: Why should you get a membership?
– To add stories in your everyday conversations (Read 8 facts about the neuroscience of storytelling)
Document stories for your kids, grandkids & most importantly for your future self.
– Storytelling is like magic. (Know the magical science behind it here)
– Stories for people around you (Employees, family members, followers, etc)

Q2. : What’s the difference between Gold and Platinum membership?
– Privacy (On Instagram you can see who else is a member/follower)
– One place for All the StoryCards (You won’t have to screenshot or Organise StoryCards)
– Lifetime Access to all the StoryCards from your membership year.

Q3: Which platform will you get these StoryCards in?
– Every Gold Member will be added to a Members-Only Instagram page.
(Every week we will add StoryCards on IG stories and will have a highlight of the past four weeks.) 
– Every Platinum Member will be sent a WhatsApp link and StoryCards will be sent post verification

Q4: How will we get started?
– You will receive a PDF with all the information after the payment. 

Q5: What’s your Personal Why? What are you getting out of this? 
– The goal is to document stories (Mostly for my grandchildren & for my future self)
– Connect with StoryTellers, StoryCollectors & Anyone who like stories.
– I have a dream: I want to get on a stage, ask the audience for words and tell them stories on top of those words 🚀 


"Before we become a StoryTeller, we have to become a StoryCollector"

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